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The Riot Rocketz unites above all: The love for the sport Roller Derby and the desire for a community in which people feel comfortable. Everyone who is a part of our League can have different demands and ambitions, which we want to meet together. For example, first and foremost, it refers to the sport: with our training, we want to meet the needs of those for whom fun and less competitive character is in the foreground and those who want to compete with other teams and advance with our League.

In addition to independent bouts (games) with friendly Leagues, we also organize participation in the National League within a season. The latter includes hosting home bouts (home games) and participating in away games in other cities.

We strive for a discrimination-free space in our League. Furthermore, we want to actively shape this space by accepting the individuality of everyone and treating each other with respect.

Outside the gym

Another point that is of great importance to us is self-determination. We see ourselves as grassroots democratic. Once a month, we hold a plenary session where we discuss current agenda items and make decisions. We try to decide on these free of hierarchies and by consensus. Everyone who is a part of Riot Rocketz can bring agenda items to the plenum discuss and vote on them.

Furthermore, every player should actively participate in shaping our League within working groups. These working groups concern very different areas, such as training, officiating, public relations, boutorga, merchandise, and many more.

We are a sports club Roter Stern Leipzig (RSL) section. Nevertheless, we are dependent on committed Rocketz, who make themselves strong in the League and the club beyond the training. This commitment also extends to the national and international derby community. Despite its now high profile, the derby world is still a relatively small community, fortunately not backed by large institutions and therefore reliant on everyone’s support. Nevertheless, we feel connected to this community and support other Leagues.


For new skaters, we offer beginner training, which is tailored to the needs of beginners. The training covers basic skating skills and the rules of the game. We play roller derby as a FLINTA* team. But also cis-men can become active with us, for example, as an official or participate in one of our AGs.

Every person is welcome to join our league – regardless of
Gender identity
Age (only age of majority is essential),
body shape,
fitness level
and previous experience.

We do not accept disrespectful interpersonal behavior and any forms of group-based discrimination.


The Riot Rocketz was founded in 2013 as the second Saxon roller derby club. Our two teams “Space Invaders” and “Sun Blockers” participate in the game.

The Space Invaders participate as a FLINTA* team in bouts outside of the BuLi and scrimmages. The team is open for skaters of different levels and consists of players who want to play copmpetitive outside the BuLi and/or gain experience on the track.

The Sun Blockers play as a FLINTA* team in the Roller Derby Bundesliga. In 2023 the team will compete in the 2nd BuLi.

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