Braustraße 15, 04107 Leipzig

We are the Riot Rocketz, and we play roller derby.

Roller Derby is a full-contact team sport played on roller skates (quad skates).

Our team was founded in 2013 as the second Saxon Roller Derby League. Since 2017 we have played in the German Roller Derby Bundesliga (BuLi). Besides BuLi games, we also participate in bouts (official games) and scrimmages (friendly games) or organize them ourselves. Nevertheless, being part of the roller derby community does not always mean being on track as a player: Our team also relies on dedicated Referees, Non-Skating Officials (NSO), and many helping hands.

Currently, we train three days a week. Our full contact training is exclusively for FLINTA* (women, lesbians, as well as inter, non-binary, trans and agender persons).

next game: Meister:innenschaften im Osten (Erfurt)








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