Braustraße 15, 04107 Leipzig


Roter Stern Badminton

We are a mixed people having fun with playing badminton – there aren’t any serious training sessions. Instead, we play just for fun. We prefer having exciting challenges over efficiency, proficiency and ladder ranks. From time to time we applaude and laugh about ourselves, crazy moves or exceptional shuttlecocks. Despite we still fight with ambition. If you’re interested to chase fast balls with us please contact us via email to arrange common sessions without having people waiting infront of a closed door.

No one of us plays for money, no professionals here. If you have no experience: feel welcome! 😉

Currently we’re settled with two weekly playing times. One is in the fabolous area of Grünau, Leipzig West. The other is in Leipzig East, in Schönefeld-Abtnaundorf. If you like to play with us or simply check out who we are, contact us via email.

Playing times

Mon 06:45 pm Lößnig
Wed 08:15 pm Grünau
Thu 08:15 pm Schönefeld-Abtnaundorf