Braustraße 15, 04107 Leipzig

Roter Stern Leipzig

we are delighted to welcome you on our homepage. Maybe you are heard about us from friends, randomly, or you found us on social media.
Anyway, we are just happy about your visit. To give you a first impression of our club we tried to summarize the most important facts in this short overview.

Roter Stern Leipzig:
Our club is based in Leipzig’s southern Districts Connewitz/Dölitz and was founded in 1999. Since then we became Leipzig’s club with the highest number of active Players.
Apart from adult teams for women and men we also entertain regular teams for children of every age. Furthermore we established several cycling, handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and chess groups. At the moment we are launching running and triathlon groups.
We are always glad to welcome new members in any of our teams.

Discussion, controversy and mediating different opinions, values and norms are important features of our self-conception. Nevertheless some basic values are non-negotiable in our club’s environment. We don’t care where people come from, if or which religious beliefs she or he holds and which sexual orientation or social status a person has. Moreover we are committed against racist, sexist or homophobic tendencies in sports and the whole society. We are not only trying to create an open atmosphere within our club, but beyond its borders. That is why we are organizing and participating in initiatives or activities reaching beyond football or sports.
Activities with refugees:
At the moment a lot of the people arriving in Germany were forced to flee their homes. To facilitate the arrival and to break the isolation of refugees we initiated several different projects. We established the so called “Zocktreff” where anyone is free to join to play football in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The “Zocktreff” takes place on a regular basis. We also founded a new football team which is soon to join the official league system. Additionally we offer different activities for children.

If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in any of our clubs sections, or if you just want to get some more information about Roter Stern Leipzig we encourage you to contact us. The best way to do so is by using the contact form on this homepage. Alternatively you can contact us via Facebook. We will give you an answer as soon as possible. If you don’t speak English or German very well, just write us in your native tongue and we will try to find an interpreter.